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Concrete Contractor Ocean County, NJ

Sometimes choosing the right concrete contractor ocean county near me could either make or break the investment you made to your property. There will be times when you need to repair or replace your stamped concrete in just a few years. However, there are a lot of common mistakes and shortcuts that amateur concrete companies make, which compromise the quality and integrity of your concrete works. Whether it’s driveway repair, concrete resurfacing, concrete coating, concrete finishing, concrete pavers, concrete polishing, concrete cutting, concrete steps, concrete driveway, concrete patio or concrete walls, retaining walls, or decorative concrete; there are proper concrete methods for all of these concrete services to ensure you get an aesthetically pleasing result and concrete that lasts a lifetime.

Thankfully, at Concrete Ocean County, we have the experience and ability to construct residential projects regardless of how big or small the task is. We have been #1 rated Ocean County, NJ concrete contractors for many years providing top-notch and complete concrete services. Our professional concrete specialists cohesively work with licensed engineers, architects, general contractors, and homeowners associations to complete your project within time and on budget.

Now it’s time to relax from searching for the best local concrete contractors in Ocean County, NJ, as our team at Concrete Ocean County got you covered!

Our Wide Range Of Concrete Services

Stamped Concrete

The installation of a backyard stamped concrete patio is becoming popular as an extension of your living space to the outdoors. It is one of the most practical and creative ways to bring sophistication and boost the natural beauty of your Ocean County, NJ home or commercial space.

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers bring a lot of benefits over other types of paving stones. However, you need to hire a professional concrete contractor in Ocean County, NJ, to get these benefits. Our concrete pavers can help you enjoy all of these advantages aside from being professionally built yet offering a more competitive price than other concrete companies elsewhere.

Concrete Foundation

The concrete foundation plays a vital role in every home, so hiring the pioneering concrete in Ocean County, NJ. With us, you can rest your worry knowing that our services are backed with 100% customer satisfaction. So if you are looking for Ocean County, NJ concrete contractors for professional concrete foundation installation, then look no further at Concrete Ocean County!

Concrete Patio and Decks

Elevate your bare outdoor space and transform it into a magnificent paradise through our specialized concrete patios and deck installation. Homeowners highly recommend our concrete pool decks, concrete decks, and other services. We are your leader concrete contractor that can plan, design, and install your dream patio or decks that suit your space and budget.

Concrete Driveway

Concrete Ocean County offers all-inclusive concrete driveaway services from driveway repair, driveway resurfacing, and driveway installation. We have been the #1 go-to concrete contractor for many years! Don't wait for potholes and cracks in your concrete driveway to cause more significant problems; call the experts in Ocean County, NJ, concrete contractors right away!

Concrete Flooring

Our concrete flooring services are an excellent alternative for carpet, tile, wood, marble flooring, etc. We are the best concrete contractors near me in installing simple designs up to the most intricate decorative concrete to increase your home's natural curb and beauty. Our concrete flooring is the best way to conceal imperfections in your flooring like cracks, holes, stains, etc.

Concrete Ocean County has been in the concrete business for many years. Being locally owned and operated in Ocean County, NJ, we understand the commitment and investment it takes for clients to use their money to receive an excellent concrete service. Regardless if you need residential or commercial concrete, your team at Concrete Ocean County works cohesively as a team to get the job done right at first with excellent quality. We pride ourselves in making our goal to everyone’s satisfaction, but rather be in awe of the concrete services and results we have provided. There is no job too small or too big; because Concrete County is always ready to serve residential and commercial clients. 

Additional Concrete Services

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls can match the aesthetic and existing design of your landscape. We only use premium quality materials to ensure impeccable retaining wall design.

Concrete Steps

We at Concrete Ocean County, your leading concrete contractor near me, will install safe and long-lasting concrete steps to your property in Ocean County, NJ. We can elevate the most prominent feature of your home’s entryway through our stellar concrete steps installation.

Concrete Resurfacing

Your team at Concrete Ocean County can restore your old and worn-out concrete floors, retaining walls, concrete decks, concrete sidewalks, and any concrete services. We can remodel and update it to contemporary design or any design you want to match your unique concrete work needs.

Concrete Repair

Concrete emergencies happen anytime, so whether it’s simple or complex damage, you have a team that you can call for concrete repair at Concrete Ocean County.

Driveway Repair

Save yourself from stress and expensive car and driveway repairs by calling the pros at concrete in Ocean County, NJ.

Concrete Polishing

Look no further if you are looking for a professional concrete contractor that provides shiny and crystal clear concrete polishing services in Ocean County, NJ. Your team at Concrete Ocean County got you covered!

Decorative Concrete

The pros at Concrete Ocean County can bring out the best in every ordinary floor by installing stunning decorative concrete that lasts!

Concrete Cutting

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and machines to deliver precise and specialized concrete cutting services in Ocean County, NJ.

Concrete Coating

The concrete coating comes with numerous benefits, but you need a professional concrete contractor to ensure proper coating as this method requires safety to avoid chemical spills, etc. We specialize in concrete coatings for impeccable results that last longer than other local concrete contractors.

Concrete Staining

We breathe in new life for your old floor, don’t replace them; instead, try our concrete staining installation.

Concrete Finishing

Concrete Ocean County was established as the leading concrete finishing solution in Ocean County, NJ. We strive to provide smooth finishes or patterns that will match your concrete project.

Concrete Removal

We perform our concrete removal services adhering to safety protocols. Our pros are equipped with the latest equipment and machines to do the job right and no injury.

Concrete Walls

We install weather-resistant concrete walls in Ocean County, NJ. At Concrete Ocean County, you can rest easy knowing that your property is safe and guarded.

Concrete Walkways

Our team at Concrete Ocean County offers a wide range of concrete walkways installation that you can choose. We use only world-class materials to ensure functional and aesthetically pleasing concrete walkways that can last a lifetime.

Concrete Sealers

We are your trusted concrete sealers that can protect your existing concrete driveways, concrete floorings, concrete patios, and decks against premature aging and wear and tear.

Concrete Pool Decks

It’s time to make your dream backyard into reality through our world-class concrete pool deck installation. We can help you increase the natural curb and beauty of your home and its sale value.

Commercial Concrete Contractors Near Me

Aside from residential home concrete services, your team at Concrete Ocean County has the experience and expertise in performing commercial concrete works for business establishments, malls, condominiums, hospitals, schools, etc., across Ocean County, NJ. Our stamped concrete specialists act professionally on construction sites. We know that it’s not just our company’s reputation that matters while we work, but also your good reputation that we reflect when we work on your behalf on the job site.

Our commitment to safety matters to us; we ensure to protect and guard the surrounding area while we work. We know how important it is to protect every person, vehicle, and other property, away from potential injuries and damages.

Best Stamped Concrete Contractor in Ocean County, NJ

Professionally installed stamped concrete in Ocean County, NJ, elevates the style and brings out the best to your property. Moreover, stamped concrete is a durable concrete foundation paving option underfoot that lasts for many years. Concrete polishing, concrete staining, and concrete cutting require all the suitable materials and expertise to get the stellar result you desire fully.

So if you are looking for Ocean County, NJ concrete contractors for professional stamped concrete installation, then look no further at Concrete Ocean County!

Signs You Need New Concrete

Concrete plays an integral role in the construction industry; it is commonly widely used in areas for residential homes and commercial settings. Concrete is popular for most builders, from concrete structures to concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, concrete steps, concrete patios, concrete decks, retaining walls, concrete sealers, concrete pool decks, concrete foundations, and concrete staining, etc. Due to aging and factors, even a long-lasting and sturdy material like concrete needs to get repaired. Constant exposure to elements such as external concrete can affect the integrity of the concrete. It can affect its visual appearance and compromise the overall structure’s safety and decrease the property’s value. If you notice some of the following signs in your concrete, calling the expert concrete companies in your area like Concrete Ocean County is the right thing to do.

We can make necessary assessments of your home and recommend the suitable repairs and concrete services you need.

Like most homeowners residing in Ocean County, NJ, you may have a concrete driveway, retaining walls, concrete walkways, and concrete pool deck installation. You might also have a concrete foundation, concrete patio, concrete coating, driveway repair, retaining walls, concrete resurfacing, concrete pavers, and concrete driveway installed in your home.

One thing to remember is that while concrete is a resilient material, exposure to many elements is inevitable. To ensure that the concrete is used at your home, you need to be aware of the telltale signs of wear and tear to know when to call us. 

Once you notice any common signs, you can arrange with Ocean County, NJ concrete contractor for expert services and repairs. We can sort any issues quickly and effectively to minimize the risk of the damage becoming worse. Severe substantial damage can negatively impact your safety, aesthetics, and home value.

Signs When To Call A Concrete Company

Several signs may indicate that it’s time to call the experts at Concrete Ocean County. If you get to familiarize yourself with these signs, it will be much easier to ensure that the concrete areas installed in your home are maintained for a longer time. If you pay attention to your concrete areas, you need to develop a separate maintenance checklist. Here are some of the signs that you should not ignore:

Visible Cracks In Your Concrete

One common sign that your concrete needs repair work is the appearance of visible cracks. The cracks are commonly caused by the soil underneath that contracts and expands because of the changing weather conditions. These can severely impact not only the health of your home but also your loved ones living in it. If there is a lot of rain followed by long periods of dry or hot weather, it can expand and contract the soil, which causes cracks. 

Cracks appear in your concrete patio, concrete walkways, and even on concrete walls. Choosing an amateur in your concrete contractors near me can sometimes worsen the repair and might create more significant problems. However, selecting the pros at  Concrete Ocean County lets you figure out whether the cracks on your concrete decks need to be repaired or require in-depth work.

Uneven Appearance In Concrete

Another sign your concrete is shouting for a repair is your concrete walls, concrete pool decks, etc., seem to be inconsistent. It is because of several reasons like sub-standard foundation work, changing weather conditions, and poor materials. If you neglect to notice these areas are no longer even, serious concrete issues may arise. Your concrete might break or crumble, which might impact the stability and cause injuries. Therefore, if you notice that your concrete patio, concrete pavers, concrete walls, or concrete steps are no longer even, you take action as early as possible by calling the best local concrete contractors at Concrete Ocean County.

Water Pooling In Your Concrete Structures

If you see that water is accumulating and pooling in your concrete areas after rain, don’t hesitate to call the best concrete contractor in your area. The root of the problem is often caused by the inability of water to drain naturally. If you leave this problem untreated, it can grow into severe damage to the affected areas and the foundation of your property. An inexperienced concrete worker may just lay concrete. Still, when you choose the expert concrete in Ocean County, NJ, it should have a waterproof coating for additional protection upon concrete laying. 

However, the coating needs to be repaired and recoated to last longer due to exposure to different elements.

Other Obvious Aging Signs

Like everything else, concrete has its wear and tear and ages upon installation. All of the above signs indicate that your concrete is severely damaged because of age. A combination of pooling water, cracks, and unevenness all boil down to damage associated with the aging of your concrete works. If you neglect these signs, the concrete will look old and worn out. It is the time to get your concrete professionally assessed by commercial concrete contractors near me in Ocean County, NJ, to determine the right solution that needs your concrete.

Additional Signs That You Should Not Neglect

Concrete Ocean County NJ

Another thing you need to remember is that concrete is used to construct your property’s foundation. The foundation of your home or business space must be maintained regularly, including concrete works and potential repairs. On top of the signs we mentioned above, here are some of the additional symptoms of concrete foundation damage include that you should watch out for:

Sticking Windows or Doors

One of the common signs of concrete foundation damage is when you notice that your doors or windows start to stick or become more challenging when you try to open or close them.

Presence Of Exterior Or Interior Wall Cracks

The presence of cracks in exterior brick walls and interior drywalls indicates concrete foundation damage. Do not hesitate to call the experts at  Concrete Ocean County upon the first sign of visible cracks lining your home.

Sinking Floors

When you see that floors are dropping close to the concrete foundation, you need to get expert advice from the best Ocean County, NJ concrete contractors.

Issues With Wallpaper

The concrete foundation shifts because of the damage that causes your wallpaper to tear or crease for no particular reason.

Uneven Floorings

A sloping or uneven floor is another apparent concrete foundation issue that needs an urgent solution. Suppose you see that your floors slope 15-20 feet and above; your concrete foundation may need to be looked at by the experts at Concrete Ocean County.

All of these signals show that your concrete foundation needs a professional assessment and inspection at Concrete Ocean County so that we can precisely determine the right solution and avoid significant damage in the long run.

How To Hire A Dependable Concrete Contractor Near Me in Ocean County, NJ

Concrete comes with many benefits, but hiring the best concrete company is critical to enjoying them thoroughly. With so many concrete companies offering one-stop concrete solutions in Ocean County, NJ, it sometimes is hard to determine what to look out for and hire the right concrete contractor. It is essential to consider some vital information when hiring a concrete contractor, regardless of the size of your substantial project, to ensure they have all the qualities, requirements, and abilities needed to finish the job. Aside from the quality, it will ensure that the right concrete contractor can do the job right to avoid additional expenses. To be able to hire the best and most dependable concrete contractor in Ocean County, NJ, you might want to consider the following in your search:

If you choose a concrete contractor with unbeatable years of experience in the concrete industry, the completion of your project will be on time. Choose a concrete contractor that possesses all the skills needed to prepare concrete mixtures intended for various and different projects. 

If you are having thoughts about the ability and credibility of the local concrete contractor, you may kindly request their complete business certifications like certificates, licenses, and awards. These essential documents will help you determine if the concrete company operates legally in Ocean County, NJ, and even confirm its years of service.

A dependable concrete contractor in Ocean County, NJ, should own a vehicle and even the proper set of tools and equipment for concrete works to ensure a job is done right at first. Having all of these can minimize delays in project completion, avoid injuries from workers, and ensure that the job is correctly executed. Before making a deal, you can call them to inquire about the capabilities of their equipment to guarantee you that everything will suit your project needs and avoid waste of time on the course of the concrete works begin.

Although some claim to be the pioneer and leading local concrete contractors in Ocean County, NJ, some of them cannot show project references or a solid portfolio to support their claim. Having been in the business for many years, we take pride in catering and providing all the concrete needs with just about homeowners in Ocean County, NJ.

You can never go wrong when you hire Ocean County, NJ, concrete contractors who readily share their existing and recent concrete project references and reliable portfolio of past projects. These references are essential to give you an idea about the quality of their work.

Areas We Serve

The concrete works around your properties should elevate the quality of your home and your life. But when some wear and tear and other factors like cracks, severe weather, and uneven surface, suddenly you will be prone to different concrete issues like pooling water, uneven surfaces, etc. And whether you need comprehensive concrete services in Ocean County, NJ, Concrete Ocean County is your go-to concrete company that provides professional concrete services.

The good news is that we are present and proudly serve all homeowners and business owners throughout Ocean County, NJ, and neighboring cities like Lakewood, NJ, Cherry Hill, NJ, and Brick, NJ. You can also see us in action in Newark, NJ, Elizabeth, NJ, Paterson, NJ, Edison, NJ, and Bergen County, NJ.


Worry Free Guarantee

With Concrete Ocean County Service your mind can rest at ease as we gurantee our professional and reliable service.


At Concrete Ocean County Service, our employees will make sure every work is as good as it can possible be.


Every one of our highly trained employees is dedicated to showing up on time and getting the job done with the best results.

What Our Clients Say About Our Concrete Services

"I have not met such a talented and hardworking team as Concrete Ocean County. Right after my inquiries and contract deal, they came the next day to assess my flooring; working with them never gave me a hard time. I highly recommend Concrete Ocean County!"
Pat Mcbride
"Since we recently moved to Ocean County, NJ, we were looking for reliable concrete contractors to build our dream concrete patio and retaining walls. I am glad that I hired the right team at Concrete Ocean County. They are easy to work with; we tell them exactly the patio design we want, and they come up with a plan and build it within our budget and given time."
Bruce Williams
"I enjoy the service of Concrete Ocean County; they are polite and easy to work with. They keep on giving me updates about my concrete stamped installation."
Julia Abbot

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Aside from our detailed services, we love to help our clients by answering some of their frequently asked questions:

Cement and concrete are both construction materials yet differ, especially in their use. However, some who are not familiar use the two materials interchangeably. In construction, they use cement to make concrete mixed with water, and then it will turn into a mass that becomes hardened over time, which is concrete.

While you do many things through a DIY approach, concrete work is never one of them. In doing concrete work, one must possess extensive years and skills to master concrete methods. There are basic skills that an average homeowner does not own and cannot quickly learn through simple DIY video tutorials.  

Instead of beautifying your home, a homeowner might end up causing more damage and significant repair if not properly executed.

To have concrete that lasts and resists some wear and tears factor, the homeowner needs to frequently clean by sweeping or hosing it clean water often. You may also want to remove dried leaves from the concrete to prevent staining the concrete.

The Professional Concrete Contractor in Ocean County, NJ

Our dedication to providing our clients in Ocean County, NJ, with a wide range of concrete services like concrete removal, concrete finishing, concrete staining, concrete sealers, concrete foundation, concrete steps, concrete driveway, concrete patio or concrete walls, retaining walls and decorative concrete, and various other projects gave us a good reputation in the concrete business. With over many years of concrete industry experience, we take pride in treating the projects we are involved with as our own.

We are highly regarded for our top-notch quality work backed with customer satisfaction. We aim to become your next Ocean County, NJ concrete contractors and look forward to establishing long-term relationships with our clients.

At Concrete Ocean County, we aim to serve you better; for any inquiries about our services, call us at 732-520-2184 or fill out the form provided below. We offer free and non-committal quotations.

Our wide range of concrete services will not just only help boost your Ocean County, NJ property value but also enhance your quality of life and, above all, restore safety and your peace of mind.

Contact us anytime at your convenience, and we will schedule you with a free and onsite site inspection to provide you with an honest and upfront estimate for the cost of concrete services you wish to avail yourself of. Our company also offers free and non-committal quotations.

About the Company

Concrete Ocean County shares an unwavering dedication to providing suitable concrete services that align with our client’s unique vision and needs. We are your best source for a supreme residential and commercial concrete contractor across Ocean County, NJ, and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide perfection for our wide range of concrete services because we know how much you and your home deserve it. If you are looking for quality and functional stamped concrete, patios and decks, and other concrete services for your home or business, that’s precisely what Concrete Ocean County is known for! 

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